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Choose from a range of therapies that will bring out the very best of the "inner you", giving you a big physical, emotional and mental boost.

As a qualified Theta healer, Reflexologist, Reiki and EFT practitioner, I am confident that I can help you with virtually any ailment you may be experiencing. For some, just a little re-balancing is enough while others require something a little deeper. If you'd like to find out more about any of these therapies and what they could do for you, please call me or send me a message using the contact link at the top of the page.

See below for examples of therapries that are available.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 

Massage with essential oils and pre-treatment consultation. Allow up to 60 minutes.


Combined Full Body Massage and Reiki Healing 

A full body massage followed by a Reiki Healing session in one sitting. You'll save s on the individual treatment prices. Allow up to 2 hours.

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Combined Reflexology & Reiki Treatment 

Enjoy the ultimate boost from a Reflexology treatment, followed by a Reiki Healing session. This is all the more enjoyable when you realise that you have also saved s on the individual treatment prices! Allow up to 2 hours.

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Emotional Freedom Technique 

Discover the unique Emotional Freedom Technique, the energy release system to eliminate fears, phobias, addiction. Can be a real help beating smoking and achieving weight loss. Each session usually lasts around 90 minutes.


Full Body Massage 

Massage with essential oils. Allow up to 90 minutes.


Half Body Massage 

Upper body massage with essential oils. Allow up to 1 hour.


Jade Style Indian Head Massage 

Allow up to 45 minutes. This treatment does not use oils.



A treatment for many ailments. Read more about it, just click here. Please note that your first booking with me will include a full consultation with medical record for which you should allow up to 90 minutes. Thereafter treatments usually take up to 60 minutes per session.


Reiki Healing 

Align the internal balance of your body and mind. Reiki has been used for centuries to maintain a feeling of vitality and wellbeing. Read more about it, just click here. Your first session will include a full medical consultation. Treatments can take up to 90 minutes.


Theta Healing 

Find the perfect physical, emotional and spiritual energy balance. Allow 90 minutes.